Destructive Weld Testing in Education: Fillet Weld Tester

55 Ton Fillet Weld Tester

Sawyer Mfg.’s 55-Ton Bend, Tensile & Fillet Tester Welding combines art and science, and as such, it’s crucial for educational environments to keep pace with technological advancements. In this context, Sawyer Manufacturing’s 55-Ton Fillet Weld Tester marks a significant addition to the tools available for welding education. Safety and Precision in Educational Settings The Fillet…

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Sawyer Manufacturing Company:

Assembling Sawyer Saddle Machines

Innovating Pipeline and Welding Solutions Since 1948 Sawyer Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a renowned name in the global market for pipeline and welding equipment. Established in 1948, Sawyer has been at the forefront of innovation in this sector, setting benchmarks for quality and durability in their products​​. Our Commitment to Innovation and…

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Oxy Fuel Cutting

Beveling Band

Oxy fuel cutting has been around for more than a hundred years, and little has changed in the process since that time. The invention revolutionized the cutting and welding industries, and ultimately led to the development of today’s cutting torches, tips, flashback arrestors, etc. which have resulted in a much safer and more efficient way…

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Rim Clamp solves pipe ovality issues

Rim Clamp on the Pipeline

The oil and gas pipeline industry has had a challenging few years as a result of the global economic conditions and the low oil price. Contractors are increasingly looking for ways to reduce costs when budgeting for projects, and increasingly this has led to an increase in pipes being supplied from emerging markets. This, when…

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Sawyer Saddle Machine

We are proud to announce the release of our newly designed Sawyer Saddle Machine. Listening to our customers Sawyer Manufacturing Company has been working with pipeline welders since 1948. In that time, we’ve seen the industry change and grow, and by listening to the welders using our equipment on the front line our range of…

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Battery Ready Motor Kit

Motorized Crawler Kit

Power and Precision – Without The Plug For years Sawyer Crawlers have been synonymous with accuracy and durability for pipe fitters across the world. Motorized Crawlers further enhanced this accuracy by removing the need to manually drive the machine; allowing operators to set the correct, consistent speed and generate a smooth cut all around. These…

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Sawyer Spotlight: Grinder Holder

Working together to build better equipment In the Fall of 2013, Sawyer Manufacturing became involved with a program offered by Oklahoma State University in partnership with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance to help Oklahoma manufacturers design new products. The result was Sawyer’s Grinder Holder. OSU students created the designs and drawings of the holder, and the…

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Sawyer Spotlight

Quick Set Beveling Machine When it comes to pipeline welding tools and accessories, there are many options. That’s why Sawyer Manufacturing is committed to designing and building equipment that is unmatched in versatility and usability. The Quik Set Beveling Machine is no exception. With a unique, lightweight design that allows speed and efficiency in the…

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