Hydraulic Power for Quick Closure


  • For pipe sizes 16″ – 60″
  • Crossbars options are flat (tack) or arched (no tack)
  • No tack design allows full 360 degree welding
  • Each clamp fits a specific pipe diameter
  • Clamp closes with minimal effort
  • Hydraulic jack pulls down tight with rapid release
  • Can be used with Sawyer Spacing Tools, Jack Screw Wedges, and Hi-Lo Wedges
  • Manufactured in the USA


Hydraulic Cage Clamp Cutsheet
Hydraulic Cage Clamp Manual

Hydraulic Cage Clamp

Model 255H

When you’re searching for a pipe clamp with a bit more power, the Hydraulic Clamp is the answer.

Engineered to accommodate pipe sizes ranging from 16″ to 60″, this robust hydraulic cage clamp is a versatile solution for a wide array of pipe-to-pipe fit-up needs, potentially serving as the ultimate pipeline welding clamp for your operations.

The hydraulic mechanism integrated into this external line-up clamp proves particularly advantageous when aligning large pipes. Its ability to pull down tightly with minimal effort ensures efficient alignment, while the rapid-release feature facilitates swift clamp removal post-welding. Furthermore, the no-tack design of this alignment clamp, featuring arched crossbars, grants complete 360-degree welding access without the need for clamp removal—an invaluable convenience for welders.

Crafted with quality steel construction, each Hydraulic Cage Clamp is built to withstand the rigors of fieldwork, delivering rugged performance job after job. Its hydraulic jack ensures effortless closure with rapid release functionality, further enhancing operational efficiency. Despite its durability, precision alignment is never compromised, thanks to expert craftsmanship that ensures consistent accuracy.

Simple, quick, and user-friendly, this hydraulic line-up clamp, offering operators an intuitive and efficient solution for their pipe alignment needs. Compatible with a range of Sawyer tools including Spacing Tools, Jack Screw Wedges, and Hi-Lo Wedges, this clamp is a versatile addition to any pipeline welding toolkit.

Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards of quality and precision, the Sawyer Hydraulic Clamp embodies reliability, durability, and performance—a testament to Sawyer’s commitment to excellence in pipeline welding equipment.