Rotate and Position Large Diameter Pipe


  • 11.5″ V Head for pipe up to 36″ in diameter
  • 2,500 lb. load capacity with roller head wheels and casters
  • 5,000 lb. load capacity without roller head wheels and casters
  • Height adjustment range of 24″ to 36″ with the jack only and 32″ to 44″ with the casters
  • Large, easy-to-turn, adjustment screw
  • Suitable for large pipe support applications
  • 5 leg construction for stability
  • Locking casters for easy positioning
  • Powder coated


Mega Jack Pipe Stand Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Mega Jack Pipe Stand

Model 456

Sawyer’s Mega Jack Pipe Stand, Model 456, represents a pinnacle of efficiency and stability, engineered to handle large diameter pipes with ease and precision. Tailored for rolling and positioning tasks, this pipe stand boasts a set of four roller head wheels that ensure seamless and secure rotation of pipes, facilitating swift maneuverability and enhancing productivity in pipe handling operations. Its robust construction is complemented by a large adjustment screw, allowing for impressive height variations ranging from 24 inches without casters to an impressive 44 inches when equipped with casters, offering unparalleled versatility to adapt to various job site requirements.

With an exceptional load capacity of 2500 lbs. supported by roller head wheels and casters, and a staggering 5000 lbs. without, Sawyer’s Mega Jack Pipe Stand provides steadfast support for heavy-duty applications, ensuring reliable performance even under the most demanding conditions. The stand’s 11.5-inch V head is precisely engineered to accommodate pipes up to 36 inches in diameter, ensuring a snug fit and optimal stability during operation, thus minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.

Moreover, its five-leg construction further enhances stability, offering a solid foundation for secure pipe positioning and manipulation. The inclusion of locking casters adds another layer of convenience, allowing for easy positioning and secure immobilization when necessary, thereby improving overall safety and operational efficiency. Powder-coated for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion, Sawyer’s Mega Jack Pipe Stand is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring longevity and reliable performance in diverse work environments.

In essence, Sawyer’s Mega Jack Pipe Stand stands as the epitome of quality and innovation in large pipe support applications, combining rugged performance with user-friendly features to meet the demands of the most challenging projects with ease and confidence.