Rotate and Position Large Diameter Pipe


  • 11.5″ V Head for pipe up to 36″ in diameter
  • 2,500 lb. load capacity with roller head wheels and casters
  • 5,000 lb. load capacity without roller head wheels and casters
  • Height adjustment range of 28″ to 52″
  • Large, easy-to-turn, adjustment screw
  • Suitable for large pipe support applications
  • 4 leg construction for stability
  • Locking casters for easy positioning
  • Independently tested for safety
  • Powder coated


Mega Jack Pipe Stand Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Mega Jack Pipe Stand

Model 456

The Mega Jack Pipe Stand is ideal for rolling and positioning large diameter pipe up to 36″. Four roller head wheels safely rotate pipe quickly and efficiently.  The Mega Jack Pipe Stand has a 28″ to 52″ height adjustment with a large adjustment screw. It supports a pipe diameter of 36″ and has a maximum capacity of 2500 lbs. with roller heads and casters and 5000 lbs. without rollers and casters. It is also independently tested for safety.