Quick Setup for Aligning Small Diameter Pipe


  • For pipe sizes ranging from 1″-12″
  • 3 clamps: 1″-2 1/2″ (A) 2″-6″ (B) 5″-12″ (C)
  • Aligns small diameter pipe
  • Portable, lightweight material
  • Suitable for use on stainless steel pipes without the need for extra shoes or screws
  • Smooth tension mechanism
  • Sliding tension “T” handle


Qwik Clamp Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Qwik Clamp

Model 251

Sawyer Mfg.’s Qwik Clamp offers a hassle-free solution for aligning small diameter pipes ranging from 1″ to 12″. This user-friendly tack-type clamp eliminates the need for special screws or shoes, making it a versatile choice for both carbon and stainless steel pipes. With its adjustable design, the Qwik Clamp effectively addresses hi-lo issues while ensuring precise alignment of pipes, fittings, tees, and flanges.

Available in three sizes to accommodate various pipe diameters, the Qwik Clamp provides a cost-effective and efficient means of alignment without the need for reforming. Its straightforward operation requires no specialized training, making it suitable for use by operators of all skill levels. Additionally, the lightweight construction of the clamp enables easy maneuverability in confined spaces, enhancing its practicality in diverse work environments.

Designed for quick and seamless alignment, the Qwik Clamp boasts a smooth tension mechanism and a sliding tension “T” handle for added convenience. Whether aligning pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-tee, pipe-to-flange, or pipe-to-fitting, this clamp delivers consistent results with minimal effort. Moreover, its compatibility with stainless steel pipes eliminates the need for extra shoes or screws, further streamlining the alignment process.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Qwik Clamp offers unparalleled versatility and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in various pipe alignment tasks. Whether used in fabrication shops, construction sites, or industrial settings, this pipe clamp delivers consistent and precise alignment results, contributing to increased productivity and efficiency. With its intuitive design and user-friendly operation, the Qwik Clamp simplifies the alignment process, allowing operators to focus on their core tasks without unnecessary complications.

Its durable construction and robust design make it a long-lasting investment that can withstand the demands of rigorous industrial use. Choose the Sawyer Qwik Clamp for efficient, hassle-free alignment of small diameter pipes, and experience superior results in your pipe fitting operations.