Safely Perform Fillet Weld Tests


  • Performs guided bend, tensile pull, and fillet break tests
  • Ideal for educational weld testing environments
  • Safe way to perform fillet break
  • Accurately perform tests up to 100,500 pounds of pressure
  • Optional choice of die and plunger sets to meet ASME or API code
  • Comes standard with .375 ASME die and plunger set and 1/4-1/2″ pulling jaws
  • 3 pulling jaw size options
  • Includes a liquid-filled, certified gauge with high level indicator, dual acting electric pump, (1) Set of pulling jaws, (1) Die and plunger set, (1) Fillet fixture,  (1) carrying case
  • Manufactured in the USA


Fillet Weld Tester Cutsheet
Die & Plunger Sets

Sawyer’s Fillet Weld Tester

Model 273-55F

The Fillet Weld Tester, a prominent addition to Sawyer’s esteemed line of weld inspection and tensile testing equipment, revolutionizes fillet weld testing procedures. Built upon the solid foundation of Sawyer’s acclaimed 55-Ton Tensile Tester, this innovative device integrates specific capabilities tailored for fillet weld testing while retaining all original functionalities. This fusion of robust capabilities with dedicated features for fillet weld testing enhances operator safety and testing accuracy, eliminating the need for potentially hazardous makeshift testing methods.

Traditionally, welding schools and facilities have relied on presses or other unsafe methods to conduct fillet weld tests, posing risks to operators and compromising testing integrity. The Fillet Weld Tester mitigates these dangers by offering a safe, repeatable testing method that adheres to stringent standards of accuracy and reliability. With removable plates dedicated to fillet weld testing and an electric pump, this tester provides a comprehensive solution for weld testing needs.

In addition to its standard attributes, including a liquid-filled indicator gauge, pulling jaws, and a carrying case, the Fillet Weld Tester offers enhanced versatility and mobility for educational welding environments. Capable of performing guided bend, tensile pull, and fillet break tests, this tester empowers educational facilities with a safe and efficient means of conducting weld testing procedures.

With the ability to accurately perform tests up to 100,500 pounds of pressure and optional die and plunger sets to meet ASME or API code requirements, the Fillet Weld Tester ensures precise and reliable results across various testing scenarios. Equipped with a liquid-filled, certified gauge with a high-level indicator, a dual-acting electric pump, pulling jaws, die and plunger sets, a fillet fixture, and a carrying case, this tester offers everything needed for comprehensive weld testing operations.

Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, Sawyer’s Fillet Weld Tester exemplifies innovation, reliability, and safety in weld testing equipment. By providing a dedicated solution for fillet weld testing, Sawyer continues to lead the industry in offering cutting-edge tools for weld inspection and testing applications.