Safely Perform Fillet Weld Tests


  • Performs guided bend, tensile pull, and fillet break tests
  • Ideal for educational weld testing environments
  • Safe way to perform fillet break
  • Accurately perform tests up to 100,500 pounds of pressure
  • Optional choice of die and plunger sets to meet ASME or API code
  • Comes standard with .375 ASME die and plunger set and 1/4-1/2″ pulling jaws
  • 3 pulling jaw size options
  • Includes a liquid-filled, certified gauge with high level indicator, dual acting electric pump, (1) Set of pulling jaws, (1) Die and plunger set, (1) Fillet fixture,  (1) carrying case
  • Manufactured in the USA


Fillet Weld Tester Cutsheet
Die & Plunger Sets

Sawyer’s Fillet Weld Tester

Model 273-55F

The Fillet Weld Tester is a new device added to Sawyer’s line of weld inspection and tensile testing equipment.

In creating this tester, Sawyer redesigned its 55-Ton Tensile Tester to perform fillet weld testing along with all its original capabilities. It’s a 55-Ton Tensile Tester with specific capabilities for testing fillet welds, which leads to increased safety for the operator. This increased safety is due to the ability to test fillet welds without the use of a press that is not specifically designed to perform such a test and can lead to accidents.

Welding schools perform these types of tests all the time, but they typically use a press to complete the break test or other unsafe methods. Our Fillet Weld Tester removes those dangerous variables and introduces a safe, repeatable testing method that meets the most stringent standard for accuracy and dependability.

In addition to the 55-Ton Tester’s lengthy list of standard attributes, which includes a liquid-filled indicator gauge, pulling jaws, carrying case, and 3/8-inch ASME die and plunger set, this tester also includes removable plates for performing fillet weld tests and an electric pump.

The 55-Ton Tester’s ability to safely perform guided bend and pull testing with a high level of mobility and versatility was already impressive, but now this piece of equipment introduces an element of testing ability that many educational welding facilities will find helpful.