Manual Toggle to Easily Align Pipe


  • For pipe sizes 2″ – 60″
  • Crossbars options are flat (tack) or arched (no tack)
  • No tack design allows full 360-degree welding
  • Each clamp fits a specific pipe diameter
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use
  • Precision bored to ensure positive accurate alignment
  • Designed solely for aligning pipe – not for lifting or moving pipe and they are not to be used with cheaters
  • Can be used with Sawyer Spacing Tools, Jack Screw Wedges, and Hi-Lo Wedges
  • Cheater devices are prohibited – and is not intended for pipe lifting
  • Manufactured in the USA


Hand Lever Cage Clamp Cutsheet
Hand Lever Cage Clamp Manual

Hand Lever Cage Clamp

Model 255M

The Hand Lever Cage Clamp stands as a cornerstone of the pipe alignment process, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in pipe fitting tasks. Utilizing a manual toggle mechanism, these clamps effortlessly align pipes ranging from 2″ to 60″ in diameter, ensuring precision and accuracy with every use. Engineered to accommodate pipes through Schedule 80, these clamps excel in alignment applications, although they are not intended for reforming purposes.

Each Hand Lever Cage Clamp is meticulously crafted to fit a specific pipe diameter, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance. With crossbar options available in both flat (tack) and arched (no tack) configurations, users enjoy enhanced versatility to suit their specific welding requirements. The no tack design allows for full 360-degree welding, facilitating seamless and comprehensive welding operations without the need for additional adjustments.

Renowned for their simplicity, speed, and ease of use, these clamps have been an industry standard for over 50 years, attesting to their reliability and effectiveness. Precision-bored to ensure positive and accurate alignment, the Hand Lever Cage Clamp delivers consistent results, streamlining the pipe alignment process and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Designed solely for aligning pipe, these clamps are not intended for lifting or moving pipe, and their use with cheater devices is strictly prohibited. However, for enhanced versatility, optional accessories such as Sawyer Spacing Tools, Jack Screw Wedges, and Hi-Lo Wedges can be used in conjunction with the clamps, further expanding their capabilities and applications.

Manufactured in the USA to exacting standards, the Hand Lever Cage Clamp embodies quality, durability, and reliability. Each clamp undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure uncompromising performance and adherence to industry standards. In summary, the Hand Lever Cage Clamp stands as a testament to excellence in pipe alignment standards, providing welders with a dependable and indispensable tool for achieving precise and accurate results in pipe fitting tasks.