The Smoothest Cutting Saddle Machine on the Market

3 pipe sizes in a single spacer

The smoothest travel of any saddle unit on the market

4 Machines cut pipe sizes 1.5" - 20"


  • For pipe sizes ranging from 1.5″-20″
  • 4 machine sizes
  • Spacers are designed to accommodate 3 pipe sizes
  • #0, #1, and #2 machines cut 4 specific pipe sizes and come with 4 Spacers
  • #3 machine cuts 5 specific pipe sizes and comes with 8 Spacers
  • Familiar, open design for easy placement over the pipe
  • Can be used with most oxy/fuel or plasma torches
  • Optional accessories to meet any beveling requirement
  • Battery Ready Motor Kit optional
  • Torch is an add-0n, does not come standard
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 1 year warranty


Sawyer Saddle Machine Cutsheet
Sawyer Saddle Machine Guide
SSM-0 Parts List
SSM-1 Parts List
SSM-2 Parts List
SSM-3 Parts List

Sawyer Saddle Machine

Model SSM

Sawyer Manufacturing Company is proud to announce the release of our newly designed traditional Saddle machine. The SSM (Sawyer Saddle Machine) incorporates all the familiar features welders were asking for, with the trusted quality Sawyer puts into every product.

The new SSM features a familiar open-frame design and spacer system for easy operator training. These machines come in four different sizes, to cover the popular pipe sizes from 1.5” to 20” OD. This machine uses a spacer system to adjust between pipe sizes. Furthermore, the efficient spacer design accommodates three pipe sizes within a single spacer. SSM machines #0 – #2 come with four Spacers per machine and can cut a range of four distinct pipe sizes. The largest machine, #3, comes with eight spacers and can cut five specific sizes of pipe.

These lightweight machines are built from cast aluminum and feature a bolt-together frame that is easily repairable. In addition, the Classic Torch Arm comes standard with each machine. The Classic Torch arm easily adjusts to the desired angle and can prevent blowholes by moving to and from the cutline. Setup is easy with the SSM’s open-frame design, simply place over the pipe and secure with a locking boomer.

We firmly believe that our new SSM has the smoothest travel of any unit available on the market. We build the SSM, along with all our beveling machines,  right here in our Tulsa, Oklahoma facility. Designing and manufacturing the product under our own roof has allowed us to exhaustively test every aspect of this new Saddle machine. Consequently, each machine is calibrated and checked for quality assurance before leaving the facility.

Most importantly, the Sawyer Saddle Machine offers pipefitters and welders everything they love about traditional Saddle machines, with the added benefits of Sawyer’s trusted heritage and the smooth cut they know and expect from us.

Machine Sizes:

  • #0:   1.5″-4″
  • #1:   3″-8″
  • #2:   6″-12″
  • #3:   12″-20″