The Fastest Most Dependable Method of Securing a Welding Ground


  • Grounding device to prevent arcing
  • Specially designed grounding bolt
  • Comes standard with Short Bolt
  • Optional Long Bolt to use with clamps, or on tie-ins and anomaly digs
  • Short Bolt has adequate enough length for two grounds, permitting brother-in-law welding
  • Nylon-insulated magnets prevent arcing at contact point
  • Magnets prevent stretching or slacking that occurs with bungees
  • Shielding reinforces against arcing outside the main pin
  • Ergonomic design for quick and simple placement and removal
  • Designed to be lightweight to prevent fatigue
  • Precision cast for rugged strength
  • Manufactured in the USA


Grasshopper Cutsheet
Grasshopper Manual

Sawyer’s Welding Grasshopper

Model 410

The Welding Grasshopper grounding device is the fastest and most dependable method of securing a welding ground to the pipe to prevent arc burn and weld rejection/failure without the need for hazardous bungees. With this brilliantly engineered welder tool, a grounding clamp grips a specially designed grounding bolt to prevent arcing, while nylon-insulated magnets further prevent the risk and limit the stretching or slacking that may occur with other grounding device attachment methods

When it comes to welding ground devices, simplicity, usability, and durability are paramount, and the Welding Grasshopper has those traits in spades. Designed to quickly and securely attach to pipe, vertically or horizontally, the sleek engineering of the Grasshopper welder tool aids in its ease of use. The precision cast aluminum and steel design provides rugged strength while being as light as possible to prevent fatigue. Weighing less than 2 pounds and measuring merely 10 inches long, the Grasshopper welding ground provides ultimate portability and safety.

Sawyer’s engineers ergonomically designed the Grasshopper welding tool to allow quick, simple placement and removal from the pipe, and the main pin of this welder tool makes brother-in-law welding on large diameter pipe possible by allowing multiple welders to use the same grounding device.

For a fast and dependable grounding device for improved welding and the prevention of arc burn, the Grasshopper from Sawyer Manufacturing is the ideal choice.