Perfect for Small Diameter, Thin Wall Pipe


  • For pipe sizes up to 4″
  • Aligns small diameter, thin wall pipe
  • Incredibly accurate on pipe up to Schedule 20
  • Adjustable concentric clamp for alignment
  • Stainless steel, will not contaminate pipes
  • Manufactured in the EU


PPA Clamp Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Precision Pipe Alignment Clamp

Model 265

The Sawyer Precision Pipe Alignment (PPA) Clamp is perfect for alignment for small diameter thin wall pipes and offers incredible accuracy on pipes up to Schedule 20, enabling the welder to achieve perfect welds.

The PPA clamp jaws work independently to allow pipes to be concentrically aligned regardless of their diameters. These lineup clamps are designed to be compatible with all leading Orbital Welding Heads, and the clamps provide adequate clearance for these heads.

Made from high purity stainless steel, these clamps will not contaminate stainless steel pipes.

Manufactured in the EU, the Precision Pipe Alignment Clamp meets all necessary safety specifications. All clamps are subject to a rigorous inspection process before dispatch, ensuring a quality product, fit for purpose.