The Most Robust Machine for Chain Beveling


  • For pipe sizes 4″ and larger
  • 3-link chain and gear system for incredible accuracy
  • Adjustable wheel positioning improves accuracy
  • Supplied with an adjustable rack torch holder, handles, and a service key
  • Optional accessories include: 9′ flexible shaft cable, 18v motorized kit, torch holders, and chain kits
  • Out-of-Round device can be used anywhere on the torch arm
  • Spiral weld pipes are no issue for this heavy duty unit
  • Adjustable torch support allows for piercing away from the cut
  • Vertical pipes are no problem when coupled with optional guide strips
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • 1 year warranty


MX1 Cutsheet
MX1 Manual

Sawyer’s MX1 Chain Cutting and Beveling Machine

Model 211

The MX1 Chain Cutting Machine is a powerful flame beveling machine specifically designed for cutting and beveling pipes and tubes with a diameter of 4 inches or larger. This robust unit can easily handle spiral and seam welded pipes with accuracy and precision. The adjustable wheel positioning system further enhances the accuracy of this beveler across a wide range of pipe diameters, making it an ideal choice for chain cutting applications.

As a standard package, the MX1 Beveling Machine comes with an adjustable rack torch holder, handles, and service key. Additional features, including a 9′ flexible shaft cable, 18V motorized kit, torch holders, chain kits, and adjustable band guide tracks can also be included to cater to various applications. For users who require plasma cutting capability, the optional plasma motorizing kit is also available.

The MX1 Beveling Machine is manufactured in the EU and complies with all necessary safety specifications. Each machine undergoes a rigorous inspection process before dispatch to ensure quality and reliability. This machine is designed to provide years of reliable service with minimal maintenance required.

With its versatility, accuracy, and quality, the MX1 Chain Cutting Machine is an excellent choice for any pipe or tube beveling application. Whether for use in heavy-duty industries or in lighter applications, this machine offers exceptional performance and is a valuable tool for any professional pipe welder.