Heavy-Duty Clamp for Reforming Sch. 80 Pipe


  • For pipe sizes 10″-216″
  • One chain clamp allows a wide range of fit-up options
  • An optional Level and Support device safely holds elbows, tees, and other fittings in place while welding
  • Reforms Schedule 80 pipe
  • Pivoting jackbar pads in consistent contact with pipe
  • Available in steel and stainless steel
  • Pipe can be welded with clamp in place
  • Zinc plated and powder coated
  • International clamps used outside the USA are manufactured in the EU and are color coded for quick identification (Red = Steel, Green =Stainless)


Double Chain Clamp Cutsheet
Double Chain Clamp Manual

Sawyer’s Double Chain Clamp

Model 261

The Sawyer Double Chain Clamp emerges as a robust solution tailored for aligning and reforming pipes and vessels, catering to diameters up to 6 meters (20′) and capable of handling Schedule 80 and below. Engineered with versatility in mind, this clamp not only excels in alignment but also proves effective for realignment tasks over Schedule 80.

Equipped with specialized heavy-duty jack bars and main blocks, the Sawyer Double Chain Clamp tackles even the most challenging reforming jobs with ease and precision. Its adaptable design allows for compatibility with various pipe materials, including stainless steel, ensuring versatility to suit diverse project requirements. Each Double Chain Clamp is meticulously housed in its own custom-made storage box, facilitating organized storage and easy access on job sites.

For added functionality, optional accessories such as a level and support device or a pull lift (come along) are available, catering to larger pipe sizes if needed. Moreover, clamps are supplied with a torque wrench as standard equipment, meticulously calibrated to apply the correct pressure (150mm) to the chain. This thoughtful design approach mitigates the risks associated with hydraulic systems, such as chain stretching or excessive pressure, safeguarding the integrity of the clamp and the pipe during operations.

The Sawyer Double Chain Clamp, enhanced by the optional level and support device, delivers unmatched flexibility with its extensive fit-up options, ensuring a secure hold on elbows, tees, and various fittings during welding procedures. Featuring pivoting jackbar pads that maintain consistent contact with the pipe, this clamp ensures optimal stability and alignment, enhancing workflow efficiency and weld quality. Available in both steel and stainless steel variants, it adapts to diverse working environments with ease, delivering exceptional performance and durability.

Sawyer Double Chain Clamps boast zinc-plated and powder-coated finishes, ensuring corrosion resistance and longevity in harsh conditions. For international use, clamps manufactured outside the USA undergo color-coded identification (Red = Steel, Green = Stainless), streamlining compatibility and usability across global markets. In essence, Sawyer Double Chain Clamps epitomize reliability, versatility, and precision, making them indispensable tools for professionals in the pipe alignment and reforming industry.