• Available in 2 sizes for clamps 16″-28″ and 30″-48″
  • 1″ and 1 1/4″ to fit all major manufacturers’ cage clamps
  • Precision machined for accuracy
  • Heat treated for durability
  • Simple solution to hi-lo


Sawyer’s Hi-Lo Wedge

Model 460

The Sawyer Hi-Lo Wedge serves as a versatile solution compatible with all external cage clamps, offering a straightforward method to eliminate hi-lo. These wedges, meticulously designed and engineered, are inserted between the pipe and the clamp and then hammered into place, effectively addressing hi-lo issues. Available in two sizes, catering to clamps ranging from 16″ to 28″ and 30″ to 48″, these wedges ensure compatibility with all major manufacturers’ cage clamps.

Crafted with precision machining techniques, Sawyer Hi-Lo Wedges guarantee accuracy in their dimensions and performance, facilitating seamless alignment adjustments during pipe fitting operations. Furthermore, each wedge undergoes a heat treatment process to enhance its durability and resilience, ensuring prolonged effectiveness in demanding work environments.

With its simple yet effective design, the Sawyer Hi-Lo Wedge offers a hassle-free solution to hi-lo challenges, streamlining the pipe fitting process and promoting efficiency in weld alignment tasks. Whether in industrial settings or construction sites, these wedges provide a reliable means to achieve optimal alignment, contributing to enhanced workflow efficiency and weld quality.