• Available in 2 sizes
    – 480-S : Jackscrew Wedge Small for 16″ – 28″ Pipe
    – 480 :  Jackscrew Wedge Large for 30″ – 48″ Pipe
  • Will work with all major manufacturer’s cage clamps
  • Holds fittings in place when using an external clamp
  • Precision machined for accuracy
  • Heat treated for durability


Sawyer’s Jackscrew Wedge

Sawyer’s Jackscrew Wedges easily hold fittings in place when using an external cage clamp, eliminating the need for the more expensive Chain Clamp. The Jackscrew Wedges come in 2 sizes to accommodate all major manufacturer’s cage clamps. These wedges are precision machined for accuracy and heat treated for durability.