Custom Built for Specific Wall Thicknesses


  • For pipe sizes 10″ – 64″
  • Toggle action delivers maximum power to the pipe
  • Heavy duty jack box puts exerts more force on the pipe with less operator effort
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Optional copper backup ring
  • Each clamp is machined for a specific wall thickness
  • Comes standard with 49′ reach rod, hook, and handle
  • Gap is unobstructed for full stringer bead
  • Built for rugged use and easily maintained
  • Manufactured in the USA


Large Manual Clamp Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Large Internal Manual Clamp

Model 241

Sawyer’s Large Manual Clamp is the fastest, most reliable internal pipeline clamp in the field. Built tough to withstand the harshest conditions, this internal line up clamp comes standard with heavy duty steel construction and will meet many pipe-to-pipe fit up requirements with simplicity and ease for years to come.

Each internal pipe clamp comes standard with a 49″ reach rod, hook, and handle, so it’s instantly ready to use. Available for a wide variety of pipe sizes from 10” to 64” and with a choice of hard or soft wheels, Sawyer’s Large Manual Internal Alignment Clamp will satisfy a variety of line up clamp demands. Furthermore, a copper backup ring and stainless steel, copper or carbon steel shoes are also optional additions for this pipeline welding clamp.

The toggle action and heavy duty jack box of this internal pipe clamp put maximum power on the pipe with less operator effort. This internal pipeline clamp is genuinely easy to operate. Self-positioning and simple to use, the Large Manual Internal Alignment Clamp leaves the gap unobstructed for a full stringer bead.

Sawyer’s Internal Alignment clamps are all custom built, offering a range of solutions for accurate internal alignment and pipe-to-pipe fit up. These internal line up clamps are manufactured for precision and are field proven to be some of the toughest and most durable pipeline welding clamps around.

When the job demands internal aligning pipe for welding, look no further than Sawyer’s Large Manual Internal Alignment Clamp.