Weld Without Tacking for Efficiency and Speed


  • For pipe sizes 2″-6″ with custom wall thickness
  • Also available for tubing
  • Each clamp is machined for a specific wall thickness
  • Gap is unobstructed for full stringer bead
  • Concentrically aligns inner bore between pipe and flange
  • Replaceable copper backing for non-stick spatter
  • Quick release for fast application
  • Manufactured in the USA


Tackless Internal Clamp Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Tackless Internal Clamp

Model 247

The Sawyer Tackless Internal Clamp is custom built to accommodate 2″ to 6″ pipe and tube with custom wall thicknesses. These clamps provide the ability to weld without tacking, which keeps the integrity of the weld and give an enormous advantage compared to other clamping methods. The Tackless Internal Clamp is designed for automatic welding but can be used with most flange-to-pipe or pup-to-pup applications. For ultimate efficiency and speed, a Quick Release nut allows the clamp to be easily released from its position once the weld is complete. The replaceable Copper Backing prevents weld spatter and the need to feather or grind out tacks for a focus on quality welds.