Weld Without Tacking for Efficiency and Speed


  • For pipe sizes 2″-6″ with custom wall thickness
  • Also available for tubing
  • Each clamp is machined for a specific wall thickness
  • Gap is unobstructed for full stringer bead
  • Concentrically aligns inner bore between pipe and flange
  • Replaceable copper backing for non-stick spatter
  • Quick release for fast application
  • Manufactured in the USA


Tackless Internal Clamp Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Tackless Internal Clamp

Model 247

Crafted with precision and tailored to perfection, the Sawyer Tackless Internal Clamp emerges as a game-changer in pipe welding technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and quality in welding applications. Custom-built to accommodate pipe and tube sizes ranging from 2″ to 6″, with customizable wall thicknesses, these clamps redefine the welding experience by eliminating the need for tacking, thereby preserving the integrity of the weld and providing a significant advantage over conventional clamping methods.

The Tackless Internal Clamp is specifically designed for automatic welding processes, although it can be seamlessly integrated into most flange-to-pipe or pup-to-pup applications, ensuring versatility and adaptability to diverse welding requirements. Featuring a Quick Release nut, these clamps facilitate swift and effortless release from their position once the weld is complete, enhancing workflow efficiency and minimizing downtime between welds.

One of the standout features of the Tackless Internal Clamp is its replaceable Copper Backing, which serves as a protective barrier against weld spatter. By preventing weld spatter accumulation, this innovative feature eliminates the need for tedious feathering or grinding out of tacks, allowing welders to focus solely on achieving high-quality, precision welds. Moreover, each clamp is meticulously machined for a specific wall thickness, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with varying pipe specifications.

The unobstructed gap design of the Tackless Internal Clamp allows for full stringer bead welding, facilitating seamless and comprehensive welding operations without compromising weld quality. Additionally, these clamps concentrically align the inner bore between the pipe and flange, further enhancing welding precision and accuracy.

Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, Sawyer’s Tackless Internal Clamp epitomizes excellence in welding technology. With its innovative features, customizable options, and uncompromising performance, this clamp sets a new benchmark in welding efficiency and quality. In summary, the Sawyer Tackless Internal Clamp is a testament to innovation, reliability, and precision, providing welders with a superior solution for achieving top-tier welds in pipe and tube applications.