Takes on Some of the Toughest Reforming Jobs


  • For pipe sizes 4″ – 72″+
  • Reforms 45,000 PSI tensile strength pipe up to Schedule 80
  • Capable of reforming pipe with an out-of-round condition of up to 2″, depending on wall thickness
  • Plated jackscrews with pivoting pads for precise reforming pressure
  • Heavy duty latching mechanism ensures stability and safety
  • Jackscrew setting gauge makes initial setup easy
  • Torque wrench supplied for accurate reforming pressure
  • Manufactured in the USA


Rim Clamp Cutsheet
Rim Clamp Manual

Sawyer’s Rim Clamp

Model 258

The Sawyer Rim Clamp stands out as the go-to solution for tackling the most challenging reforming tasks in the pipeline industry. Designed to align and reform pipes with precision and efficiency, these clamps excel where other options fall short. The Rim Clamp provides a viable alternative to the Double Chain Clamp for users who prefer an external line up clamp with a rigid shell.

Built for out-of-round pipes requiring meticulous alignment, the Rim Clamp is engineered to reform high-tensile-strength pipes up to Schedule 80, handling out-of-round conditions of up to 2 inches (51 mm) depending on wall thickness. Available for pipe sizes ranging from 4 inches to over 72 inches, this versatile clamp is primed to meet a wide array of fit-up requirements with ease. Whether aligning smaller pipes or reforming larger ones, this clamp delivers consistent results with exceptional precision.

Equipped with heavy-duty galvanized jackscrews featuring pivoting pads and a convenient jackscrew setting gauge, setup is a breeze, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the process. The rigid and durable construction of this pipe alignment Rim Clamp guarantees exceptional performance, even in the most demanding conditions. When precision and versatility are paramount, count on the Sawyer Rim Clamp to deliver outstanding results.

Key features of the Sawyer Rim Clamp include its ability to reform pipes up to 45,000 PSI tensile strength and Schedule 80, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The plated jackscrews, complemented by pivoting pads, apply precise reforming pressure, while the heavy-duty latching mechanism ensures stability and safety during operation. With a torque wrench provided for accurate reforming pressure, users can rely on this clamp for consistent and dependable performance. Proudly manufactured in the USA, the Sawyer Rim Clamp represents the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship in pipeline welding equipment.

Invest in the Sawyer Rim Clamp for unmatched performance and unparalleled durability in pipe alignment and reforming tasks.