Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Sawyer equipment?

A: Sawyer products are sold exclusively through a worldwide network of distributors. Please contact us for your nearest distributor. In the United States, you can also order online from

Q: I have a customer that wants to purchase Sawyer equipment. Can I purchase your equipment for resale?

A: Please contact us for information on becoming a Sawyer distributor and receiving our product literature and brochure.

Q: I am not familiar with Sawyer products and would like to see the products in use.

A: Product videos are available for Sawyer equipment. You can access the videos from the homepage or from the individual product page.

Q: What is the difference between the Sawyer Compact and Quick Set Beveling Machines?


Compact Quick-Set
Model Number 200C 205-CS
Intended Uses Mainline Pipelines Refinery, gathering systems, shop use
Adjustment mechanism Spacers for each individual size pipe Sliding adjustment arms with graduation plate for different sizes of pipe or tubing
Weight Heavier Lighter
Sizes available 3″ – 60″ (10 different machines) 1½” – 20″ (4 different machines)
Saddle Type Design Yes Yes
Travel Ring Material Steel Cast Aluminum
Frame Material Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum

Q: What is the difference between Sawyer and the brand I am using today?

A: Sawyer equipment has been the industry standard for over 60 years. A few key differences set our products apart.

  • Sawyer Products have full circle travel rings. This allows for a smoother cut/bevel and helps to avoid irregularities caused by the use of partial circle travel rings
  • Sawyer Products have fully enclosed gear boxes. This helps prevent mud, grime, and rocks from damaging the gears while working in the field.
  • Quality materials and construction – Sawyer products are made from only high quality materials and are manufactured and assembled in our facility in Tulsa, OK USA.
  • Sawyer products have over 60 years of field-proven reliability – we regularly see machines that come in for adjustment that are over 20 years old!

Q: Does Sawyer offer “Saddle” type beveling machines?

A: Yes, Our Compact and Quick-Set machines have a full travel ring for superior cutting and beveling, but the rings have a split design that allows the machines to be installed over the end of the pipe or over the top of the pipe. This “Saddle” design has been a part of Sawyer machines since the beginning.

Q: I have the Compact beveling machine. How do I know which spacers to use?

A: The instructions that came with the unit indicate which spacers to use, but if those have been lost or misplaced, see this table.

Q: Why do Sawyer products cost less than the brand I am currently using?

A: We are a small, family owned business and take pride in our excellent workmanship and exceptional customer satisfaction. We machine and assemble our own equipment and this helps manage costs. Our products are of the highest quality and have been field tested for over 60 years.

Q: Do you rent or sell used equipment?

A: No, we only sell new equipment.

Q: I need parts for a Sawyer machine. Where can I purchase these?

A: We sell parts for all our machines. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Q: I have a machine that needs repair or adjustment. Where can I take it?

A: Sawyer repairs and adjusts any make or model of beveling machine. See our Repair Section on the website.