Built Tough for the Best Cut


  • For pipe sizes ranging from 3″ – 60″
  • 10 machine sizes
  • Heaviest machine in the industry
  • Split frame design allows for placement anywhere on the pipe
  • Full travel ring prevents torch jump for a smoother cut
  • Gear box is fully enclosed, safeguarding from damage to exposed gears
  • Optional accessories to meet any beveling requirement
  • Motorized drive optional
  • Rugged strength and durability
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Torch not included
  • 1 year warranty


Compact Beveling Machine Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Compact Beveling Machine

Model 200C

The Compact Beveling Machine, is designed to be the heaviest beveling machine in the industry, delivers precise and consistent pipe cutting and beveling for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials. Despite its weight, it is still easy to use and can be placed anywhere on the pipe due to its split-frame design.

One of the key features of the Sawyer Compact Beveling Machine is its size range. With 10 different machines ranging from 3 to 60 inches, there is a suitable pipe cutting machine available for any pipe beveling or cutting requirements.

Built to withstand harsh environments without compromising accuracy, this pipe beveling machine features steel and cast aluminum construction and a fully enclosed gear box to prevent damage to critical gears. This durability ensures that the machine can handle tough job site conditions and withstand frequent use.

The hinged frame design of this pipe beveler allows for easy mounting and placement anywhere on the pipe. The machine is also adjustable to fit more than one size of pipe or tubing, making it a versatile tool that can adapt to different job requirements. This adaptability saves time and money for operators and increases efficiency on the job site.

The Sawyer Compact  also offers ease of use and dependability, simplifying the pipe cutting and beveling process, resulting in increased productivity. Operators can trust that the machine will deliver accurate and consistent results, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring the job is done right the first time.

Overall, the Sawyer Compact Beveling Machine is a reliable and versatile tool for pipeline welding and construction projects. Finally, the precision cutting and beveling capabilities of the Sawyer Compact Beveling Machine ensure that the best possible cuts are made every time, making it a reliable choice for any operator who requires precise and consistent pipe cutting and beveling.

Machine Sizes:

  • #1:   3″-8″
  • #2:   8″-14″
  • #3:   14″-20″
  • #4:   20″-26″
  • #5:   26″-30″
  • #6:   30″-36″
  • #7:   36″-42″
  • #8:   42″-48″
  • #9:   48″-54″
  • #10:  54″-60″