New and Improved Brushless Motor


  • Industrial grade, brushless motor for durability and long life
  • AC Adapter comes standard in each kit
  • Battery-powered, using a DeWalt style 20v battery (not included)
  • Intelligent speed control with a range that allows for flame or plasma cutting
  • Extension cords and plugs are water, arctic, and flame resistant
  • Durable cast aluminum motor mount increases rigidity
  • High visibility yellow polymide control box with integrated convenient carrying handle
  • Shielded magnet included on the control box for attachment to the pipe during use


Battery Ready Motor Kit Cutsheet

Sawyer’s Battery Ready Motor Kit

The improved battery-operated Motor Kit for the Band Crawler.

Sawyer’s Battery Ready Motor Kit, an advanced solution meticulously engineered to enhance the capabilities of the Band Crawler. This versatile kit, now with improved features, offers unparalleled mobility and productivity, powered by either a 20-volt DeWalt style battery or a 110/220 AC adapter. With the freedom to set up and cut anywhere, users can enjoy the convenience of cordless operation, eliminating restrictions and streamlining workflow. The inclusion of a 20-volt battery ensures mobility and flexibility while providing over 6 hours of cutting and beveling power, ensuring sustained performance on the job site.

Sawyer’s Battery Ready Motor Kit not only elevates cut quality and productivity but also prioritizes reliability and durability with its industrial-grade, brushless motor. This motorized crawler features intelligent speed control, facilitating precise flame or plasma cutting operations with ease. Seamlessly converting a traditional manual machine into a motorized powerhouse, the kit offers versatility with options for both AC and battery power, catering to diverse user preferences. The AC adapter cord, included as a standard feature, enhances convenience, while the optional 20-volt battery offers added flexibility.

Each Battery Ready Motor Kit for the Crawler comprises essential components such as a brushless motor, control box, extension cord, mounting bracket, and AC adapter, providing a comprehensive solution for users.

The industrial-grade, brushless motor ensures longevity and durability, while the high-visibility yellow polymide control box, equipped with a convenient carrying handle, enhances user experience and portability. Additionally, shielded magnets on the control box facilitate easy attachment to the pipe during use, optimizing workflow efficiency. With water, arctic, and flame-resistant extension cords and plugs, along with a durable cast aluminum motor mount, Sawyer’s Battery Ready Motor Kit delivers unmatched performance and convenience, empowering users in their pipe cutting and beveling tasks.

The Battery Ready Motor Kit for the Crawler includes:

  • Brushless Motor
  • Control Box
  • Extension Cord
  • Mounting Bracket
  • AC Adapter