Oxy Fuel Cutting

Beveling Band

Oxy fuel cutting has been around for more than a hundred years, and little has changed in the process since that time. The invention revolutionized the cutting and welding industries, and ultimately led to the development of today’s cutting torches, tips, flashback arrestors, etc. which have resulted in a much safer and more efficient way…

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Rim Clamp solves pipe ovality issues

Rim Clamp on the Pipeline

The oil and gas pipeline industry has had a challenging few years as a result of the global economic conditions and the low oil price. Contractors are increasingly looking for ways to reduce costs when budgeting for projects, and increasingly this has led to an increase in pipes being supplied from emerging markets. This, when…

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Qatar Natural Gas

Offshore drilling of oil and natural gas

Qatar – the world’s largest exporter of natural gas ‘When asked the question “Which country is the biggest exporter of natural gas in the world?” people will generally think of the countries with the largest geographical footprint. The continental USA at almost 10 million sq. km. Russia at 17 million sq. km. Perhaps even Australia…

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