National Welding Month with Sawyer Mfg.

National Welding Month - pipeline welders

Pipeline Welders on the ROW April is National Welding Month, an annual celebration recognizing the skilled professionals who keep our world connected one weld at a time. At Sawyer Manufacturing Company, we take immense pride in contributing to this vibrant industry that is crucial to constructing and maintaining the world’s infrastructure. For over 75 years,…

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Sawyer Spotlight

Spacing Tools “Always improving and innovating yet staying true to its ideals” might be one of the better ways to describe Sawyer Mfg. Company, and this ethos might be most readily seen with the company’s updated Spacing Wedges. Sawyer is so firmly committed to innovation and improvement, it looks at products as simple as Spacing Wedges…

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Radiographic Testing of Welds

Radiographic testing of welds and weld testing are necessary steps in any pipeline construction process to detect flaws and defects within welded materials. One common method of non-destructive testing is radiographic testing, whereby radiographic images, or x-rays, of the weld are produced. However, the actual production of these images represents a mere fraction of this process.…

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