Sawyer Spotlight

Spacing Tools

“Always improving and innovating yet staying true to its ideals” might be one of the better ways to describe Sawyer Mfg. Company, and this ethos might be most readily seen with the company’s updated Spacing Wedges.

Sawyer is so firmly committed to innovation and improvement, it looks at products as simple as Spacing Wedges and asks, “How can we make this better?” Asking those questions is how Sawyer stays on the leading edge of the industry and is what leads to new twists on old designs that turn into marked improvements for end users.

 “The spacing wedges are way higher quality then the tools we used to have to grab out of the shed. The coating makes them that much more likeable.”  A. Isom, Sawyer Ambassador

Brittle wedges that shatter and bend are a constant problem on the line. A traditional spacing wedge is typically made of hardened spring steel, but through an optimized hardening process, Sawyer is able to produce a harder wedge that is not brittle. Compared to any other version of a spacing tools on the market, the Sawyer Spacing Wedge is harder and will not bend or mushroom under pressure. This Spacing Wedge has a maximum thickness of ¼” and has a longer blade space, while the Short Spacing Wedge has a maximum thickness of 3/16”. Each wedge gradually tapers to a smooth, chiseled point, creating the ideal spacing tool for any pipe fit up job.

Sawyer’s Spacing Wedge options create precise weld gaps when fitting pipe, spreading gaps to the exact desired widths, and accommodate a range of small to large diameter pipe. The Spacing Wedge and Short Spacing Wedge work in conjunction with a wide range of pipe clamps, pipe welding tools, and other Sawyer tools to optimize any pipe fit up requirement.

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