National Welding Month with Sawyer Mfg.

Pipeline welders

Pipeline Welders on the ROW

April is National Welding Month, an annual celebration recognizing the skilled professionals who keep our world connected one weld at a time. At Sawyer Manufacturing Company, we take immense pride in contributing to this vibrant industry that is crucial to constructing and maintaining the world’s infrastructure.

For over 75 years, Sawyer has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the manufacturing of pipeline and welding equipment. Since our inception, our commitment has been unwavering: to produce only the highest quality products that meet the evolving needs of welders and the broader construction industry.

Welding Tools and Equipment

At Sawyer, we understand that our equipment plays a fundamental role in supporting welders in their essential work. Our broad product lineup encompasses everything from welding tools to precision beveling equipment, all engineered to enhance the safety and productivity of the pipe welder. We celebrate the skill of welding professionals worldwide who use our products and the dedication and expertise of our team in making high-quality equipment.

Quick Set Beveling Band with Motorizing Kit

Quick Set Beveling Machine

Encouraging Tomorrow’s Welders

We are proud to champion the next generation of welding professionals through targeted sponsorships and robust partnerships with educational institutions. In an era where skilled trades, including welding, face a worrying decline, the importance of these professions has never been more pronounced. They are not only essential for the maintenance and expansion of our infrastructure but also for the innovation and technological advancement within the industry. Our goal is to secure a future where welding and related skilled trades are recognized for their critical contributions to society, embodying even greater advancements in technology and safety. By doing so, we honor the legacy that companies like ours have nurtured over the decades, ensuring these vital professions continue to thrive and evolve.

Welding in Everyday Life

National Welding Month not only honors the skill and dedication of welders but also underscores the importance of the welding industry in everyday life. From the cars we drive to the homes we live in and the pipelines that transport water and natural gas, welding is integral to various aspects of modern civilization. Our fabrication department, Sawyer Fabrication, is integral to this ecosystem, creating items essential for daily life, including components vital to the energy, health, aeronautics, transportation and construction sectors. These contributions are a testament to how welding touches almost every part of our lives, often in ways we might not even realize.

Sawyer Fabrication Welders

From all of us at Sawyer Manufacturing Company, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the welders, technicians, engineers, and all other professionals in the welding industry. Your skill and dedication not only make our mission possible but also drive the world forward. Happy National Welding Month!

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