Trump advances Keystone Pipeline

President Trump signs executive order to advance Keystone XL.

The Keystone XL pipeline. What is there left to say? It seems it’s been talked about endlessly for a decade, and that’s probably because it has. It’s even come up once or twice here. After years of back and forth, the Obama administration effectively killed the construction of the pipeline a bit more than a…

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Pipeline – 3 Years Ago

Cushing Oklahoma

January 22, 2014 On the pipeline – 3 years ago the Keystone Pipeline in Cushing, Oklahoma was opened. Phase 3A of the much-discussed Keystone Pipeline opened after beginning construction in the summer of 2012. Also known as the Cushing Marketlink pipeline, this section begins in Cushing, Oklahoma and runs 435 miles to Nederland, Texas. “Oil…

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Major Oil Discovery in Guyana

Exxon super jumbo guyana

Is Guyana about to be a major oil producer? According to the New York Times, the answer is “Yes.” You know Guyana, right? It’s the small nation of less than 750,000 people in the northern part of South America that was originally a Dutch colony in the 17th century and has the distinction of being…

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Pipeline – 116 Years Ago

January 10, 1901 On the Pipeline – 116 years ago a gusher at Spindletop signaled the beginning of the modern U.S. oil industry. A well at the oil field known as Spindletop near Beaumont, Texas struck oil. This gusher “blew for nine days at a rate estimated at 100,000 barrels (16,000 m3) of oil per…

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Pipeline – 106 Years Ago

January 12, 1911 On the Pipeline – 106 Years ago, court proceedings were in the process of breaking up a major monopoly. Rearguments began in Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States. When the case was decided four months later, the oil giant was declared a monopoly and forced to break up. Prior…

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