Qatar Natural Gas

Offshore drilling of oil and natural gas

Qatar – the world’s largest exporter of natural gas ‘When asked the question “Which country is the biggest exporter of natural gas in the world?” people will generally think of the countries with the largest geographical footprint. The continental USA at almost 10 million sq. km. Russia at 17 million sq. km. Perhaps even Australia…

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By Pipeline or Ship – Transporting today’s oil and gas

Oil Tanker

For today’s edition of “the internet is awesome,” check out this link that’s truly mesmerizing and informative, to boot: This visually stunning presentation and interactive map shows the worldwide traffic of cargo ships. By interacting with the map, “You can see movements of the global merchant fleet over the course of 2012, overlaid on…

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Beer Pipeline

beer pipeline

Transporting beer Remember when we wrote about the pipeline being built in Belgium with the purpose of transporting beer? Of course you remember because that story is awesome. Well, it’s now fully operational, and some lucky folks were able to tour the facilities.  Read more about their tour of the Pipe of Dreams. It now seems perfectly reasonable…

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Pipeline – 125 Years Ago

  February 23, 1892 The Diesel engine was patented by Rudolf Diesel, influencing the industrial revolution that would change the way things were done on the pipeline – 125 year ago. Rudolf Diesel obtained his first patent, RP 67207, titled “Arbeitsverfahren und Ausführungsart für Verbrennungsmaschinen” (Working Methods and Techniques for Internal Combustion Engines). Once fully…

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Pipeline – 138 Years Ago

laying 6 inch pipe for the pipeline

February 22, 1879 On the pipeline – 138 years ago the first sections of the Tidewater pipeline were laid. The first 34 sections of pipe were laid of what would was possibly the first crude oil trunk line, Tidewater. Completed in fewer than 90 days, it was 110 miles in length, stretching from Corryville, Pennsylvania,…

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New rules for detecting leaks


Last month, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration announced the signing of a rulemaking package that has been years in the making. Increasing Pipeline Safety “The rule requires pipeline operators to have a system for detecting leaks and to establish a timeline for inspecting affected pipelines following an extreme weather…

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Oil and Gas Analysis

pump jacks and raising oil prices

Preview and Review Oil and Gas Analysis – What happened and where we are headed 2016 – 2017 David Blackmon over at Forbes put together a nice piece a couple weeks ago titled “The Oil And Gas Situation – 2016 Year In Review” and then followed it up a week later with “The Oil And…

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2017 Exhibits and Tradeshows

Local union 798

You can find us at these events January 25-27, WDI: Sawyer had a booth at the American Association of Community Colleges’ Workforce Development Institute conference in Newport Beach, CA. The Sawyer team spoke to attendees about the benefits and safety of weld testing equipment at this conference. According to the AACC website: AACC’s Workforce Development Institute 2017…

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Trump advances Keystone Pipeline

President Trump signs executive order to advance Keystone XL.

The Keystone XL pipeline. What is there left to say? It seems it’s been talked about endlessly for a decade, and that’s probably because it has. It’s even come up once or twice here. After years of back and forth, the Obama administration effectively killed the construction of the pipeline a bit more than a…

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Pipeline – 3 Years Ago

Cushing Oklahoma

January 22, 2014 On the pipeline – 3 years ago the Keystone Pipeline in Cushing, Oklahoma was opened. Phase 3A of the much-discussed Keystone Pipeline opened after beginning construction in the summer of 2012. Also known as the Cushing Marketlink pipeline, this section begins in Cushing, Oklahoma and runs 435 miles to Nederland, Texas. “Oil…

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