Pipeline Pigging Robot

The crawler pig enters a pipeline at Pump Station 9 near Delta Junction for an inspection in May, 2015. 
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.
[photo credit: Alaska Dispatch News, adn.com]

Pipeline Pigging

Just a few weeks ago, we discussed the wonders of pipeline pigs and smart pigs and how they help prevent accidents in conjunction with quality construction methods such as proper pipe fit up, pipe bending, pipe beveling, pipe lifting, and weld testing. Well, those pigs might just be old fashioned now.

Feast your eyes on the latest in pipeline inspection devices.

the crawler pig

This adorable pipeline pigging robot has been able to inspect pipes within the trans-Alaska pipeline system that are too small for standard pig devices, preventing costly and time-intensive work as well as potential accidents.

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, in the last year, this robot “has saved Alyeska Pipeline Services Company tens of millions of dollars, while helping prevent spills that could lead to costly shutdowns of the 800-mile artery carrying Alaska’s economic lifeblood.”

Despite what you may be thinking, the creators claim any resemblance to Disney’s Wall-E is coincidental. However, they didn’t mention anything about Number 5 of Short Circuit fame, so if you’re an 80s kid and have any idea what I’m referring to, feel free to keep believing one of your icons is now traversing pipelines and saving us from disaster.

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