Sawyer Spotlight

Chain Clamp

Nobody likes devoting space on their rigs to several different tools that all do essentially the same task but for slightly different applications. Equipment that is versatile and can be used in multiple ways reigns supreme. This is especially true when needing an alignment clamp or pipe clamp. Transporting multiple pipeline welding clamps for working with different sizes of pipe just makes a hard job that much harder.

That’s where the Sawyer Chain Clamp comes into play. Designed and manufactured with welders in mind, this line up clamp offers ultimate versatility with options for pipe alignment from 4” to 72”.


“I used the Sawyer Chain Clamp on 22 degree fittings and 45″ pipe.  Works really great!”  11815605_946439318751810_1789120558_n-Justin Bailey, Ambassador, TX


With the ability to reform pipe up to Schedule 40 and to align pipe up to Schedule 80, the Chain Clamp packs a serious punch, yet it is lightweight in construction, making it extremely easy to use and move from site to site.
Color-coded steel and stainless steel options allow for quick recognition. The adaptable jackscrews permit proper alignment of tees, elbows, or flanges and can be welded without removing the pipe clamp. If needed, the Chain Clamp can be used as a single jackscrew clamp.


“Definitely better to handle [than the competitor] a lot lighter and easier to mount” – Facebook fan


One Chain Clamp can do the job of many bulky cage clamps, saving time and money.


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