Sawyer Rim Clamps, the ultimate in reforming strength

Sawyer Manufacturing Company is introducing a new range of clamps; the Rim Clamp and Ultra Rim Clamps are designed to take on some of the toughest reforming jobs in the industry.

Both Sawyer Rim Clamps are designed for use on out-of-round pipes which require a high level of accuracy in their alignment. Each clamp is available in a range of sizes to accommodate pipe sizes from 4” through 72.”

The standard Rim Clamp is ideal for tough reforming jobs, this clamp is capable of reforming X45 Schedule 80 pipe with out-of-round conditions up to 2”. Pressure is applied by heavy duty jackscrews to precisely reform pipe. This rigid clamp is extremely accurate and provides precise alignment capabilities.

The Ultra Rim Clamp is a heftier clamp, built to reform high tensile strength pipe with out-of-round conditions up to 2 ¼”. Modern materials allow this clamp to be lighter and stronger than its predecessors. The component parts of the clamp have been improved to provide a better finish and accuracy. Proper pre-treatment and powder coat finish on the clamp results in corrosion resistance.

The Ultra Rim Clamp offers more extreme reclaiming capability, readily reforming high tensile pipe X65 and above with up to 1” wall thickness.

The multiple jackscrews on the clamp give the operator the ability to apply precise reforming pressure on the exact areas of the pipe which are most in need of it. The specialized torque wrench supplied with the Ultra Rim Clamp furthers this capability by allowing the operator to set the exact torque required for the reforming application. This allows the operator to save time and effort, by setting the perimeter of the jackscrews before it is placed on the pipe.

The hinged flip-up jackbars on the Ultra Rim Clamp allow for simple pipe mating, and also ensure that the clamps can be sued for applications which require 100% weld and/or grinding without removing the clamp. Each heavy duty jackbar also comes with a pivot pad, which allows for use on coated or uneven pipe surfaces. The pivot points of the clamp are made from stainless steel so one clamp will work for all pipe applications, eliminating the potential for pipe contamination. The unique trapezoidal jackscrews are superior and stronger than conventional jackscrews, and can assert more pressure on the pipe. The heavy duty latching mechanism ensures stability and safety on the pipe.

Sawyer Mfg. Co. has been an innovative world leader in the manufacture and design of welding and pipeline equipment since 1948. Equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured in the company’s new facility in Tulsa. Sawyer equipment has become an industry standard and continues to set the benchmark for quality and durability. Improving standards and performance in the field is a fundamental aspect of the company’s approach. Sawyer continually seeks to provide craftsmen with the tools necessary to get the job done and get it done right.
Sawyer equipment is used worldwide in the construction and maintenance of pipeline, waste water and sewer lines, marine and offshore applications, gathering and distribution systems, and other welding and pipeline applications.

Sawyer products are sold exclusively through distributors in the U.S. and abroad. Please call 1-877-730-9149 or email for the name of your nearest Sawyer distributor.

Published in Pipeline & Gas Journal.

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