Sawyer introduces Spacing Wedges for welders

Spacing Wedges and Short Spacing Wedges, Model 420 and 420S

Sawyer Manufacturing Company is proud to introduce two sizes of Spacing Wedges, the newest in a lineup of exceptional pipeline and welding products.

The short and large Spacing Wedges spread the welding gap to the exact desired width, accommodating a range of small to large diameter pipe. The Large Spacing Wedge also has a longer blade space and a gradual taper.

Spacing wedges are traditionally spring steel that goes through a hardening process; through a different process, Sawyer is able to get a harder wedge that is not brittle. Welder feedback stated, “The spacing wedges are much higher quality than the tools we previously used. The coating makes them that much more likeable.”

Both wedges are hard-wearing and precision machined. They are designed to work in conjunction with Sawyer’s range of external clamps to optimize any pipe fit up requirement.

The small and large Spacing Wedges are now in full-scale production at Sawyer’s Tulsa facility.

Sawyer Mfg. Co. has been an innovative world leader in the manufacture and design of welding and pipeline equipment since 1948. Equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured in their new facility in Tulsa. Sawyer equipment has become an industry standard and continues to set the benchmark for quality and durability. Improving standards and performance in the field is fundamental. Sawyer continually seeks to provide craftsmen with the tools necessary to get the job done and get it done right.

Sawyer equipment is used worldwide in the construction and maintenance of pipeline, waste water and sewer lines, marine and offshore applications, gathering and distribution systems, and other welding and pipeline applications.

Sawyer products are sold exclusively through distributors in the U.S. and abroad. Please call 1-877-730-9149 or email for the name of your nearest Sawyer distributor.

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