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In case you missed it, the August issue of Pipeliners Hall of Fame News features a nice spread about the Sawyer Ambassador program. It’s certainly worth reading, and when you have the chance, you should check it
out. In the meantime, here’s an overview.

Calling on Pipeliners

Sawyer Mfg. started the Ambassador program in 2013 as a way to connect with customers and improve its products. The elite welding professionals who are part of this program are given free Sawyer equipment, marketing materials, exclusive rewards, and full access to Sawyer support, resources and communication. Ambassadors are asked to use this equipment and provide honest feedback.

Through the Ambassador program, Sawyer has not only received first-hand product feedback, but also several ideas for new products. This is clearly represented in the development of Sawyer’s Welding Grasshopper, Spacing Wedges and Grinder Holder. Each of these products has been a collaborative effort from conception to production, with feedback from welders in the field aiding in improvements before and after launch.

Connecting in a New Way

Ambassador Aaron Wegener spoke highly of the program and Sawyer’s willingness to listen to end users and improve the equipment.

“I would call or email Sawyer and talk to them about the equipment and tell them what I and the other welders thought of the equipment. Good or bad, they just want to build a quality product that works in the field and makes life easier. When you call Sawyer, you talk to somebody right away, and they are there to help you,” Wegener said.

The Ambassador program is just one of the many ways the people of Sawyer listen to their loyal customer base, and as a result, they have established a comfortable line of communication that enables them to receive new ideas, listen to challenges and suggest products that help people work harder, faster and smarter.

Currently, there are 133 Sawyer Ambassadors throughout the United States and Canada, with more on the way. The program features members of all types and from all walks of the welding life. All welders are welcome.

Ambassador Ed Gaston encourages others to participate in the Sawyer Ambassador program, saying it’s a good way to be heard by the manufacturer of your equipment.

“I highly recommend joining the ambassador program. You get to work with a group of wonderful people that are innovators in the industry.  If you have ideas for a product or you think something needs to be changed with a product that already exists, these guys are who you will want to link up with.

“They will work with you and hold value to your ideas and opinions. They will take your idea or change for an invention, look it over and make it a reality if there is a market for it… I can’t wait to see what they do with my ideas. And I can’t wait to see what new products they come up with in the near future,” Gaston said.

If you or someone you know would like to become an Ambassador, contact Sawyer today.

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