Product Video Shoot

Shooting the Videos

Local video production agency, Signal Factory, was onsite with us for two intense days of filming some of our products in action at our product video shoot. While the experience was hard work, we had a great time. We are very pleased with the quality of our product videos. You can view our product videos on our YouTube channel:

 Product equipment videos are a great way to introduce consumers to our products and their capabilities

Beveling crawler clearance

Minimal clearance is needed in the bell hole.

Set up for the Beveling Band video was especially unique. To simulate an authentic work environment a pipe was placed into a freshly dug trench.The trench was quite narrow, purposely not leaving limited space between the earth and the pipe to really demonstrate the beveling band and crawler’s clearance capability. The crawler with the optional motor drive attachment were easily able to cut all the way around the pipe with minimal clearance.

Signal Factory video shoot

Signal Factory

          A big thank you to Signal Factory, the rig welders and
the Sawyer employees that dedicated their time and skills to this project.


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