Pipeline – 109 years ago

today_pipeline_historyNovember 16, 1907

On the Pipeline – 109 Years Ago: Oil-rich Oklahoma becomes the 46th state.

Oklahoma territory and Indian Territory collectively entered the Union, becoming the 46th state, and one possibly most known for its oil and gas industry. However, Oklahoma was a well-known producer of oil before statehood. “Oklahoma oil history began when exploration companies rushed to Indian Territory in 1897 after a column of oil erupted from a well near Bartlesville…” Not long after this initial discovery, Oklahoma became one of the top oil producing regions. “In the first three decades of the twentieth century discovery after discovery was made in the Sooner State. In 1901 came Red Fork Field and the emergence of Tulsa as ‘the Oil Capital of the World.’” By the way, Oklahoma also happens to be the home of one Sawyer Manufacturing Company.






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