The Solution to Cutting Egged Pipe


  • “Floats” torch carrier to follow pipe contour
  • Maintains proper distance from the pipe surface
  • Compact design easily mounted and adjusted
  • Accurate graduation permits setting torch for bevel angle
  • Torch clamps adjust to provide lead
  • Torch can be raised for igniting and flame adjustment
  • Accepts any standard machine cutting torch
  • Available with double bevel attachment (Specify machine by type, model, size, and range)


Sawyer’s Out of Round Attachment

Model 281B

The Out of Round attachment fits all standard sizes of Sawyer Quick Set Beveling Machines.

Sawyer’s Out of Round Attachment is designed to seamlessly integrate with standard sizes of Sawyer Quick Set Beveling Machines. This innovative attachment unlocks the potential for cutting and beveling out-of-round pipes with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Its unique design “floats” the torch carrier, enabling it to effortlessly follow the contour of the pipe while maintaining the proper distance from the surface, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

The compact design facilitates easy mounting and adjustment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With precise graduations, setting the torch for the desired bevel angle becomes a breeze, allowing for meticulous customization tailored to specific project requirements.

Compatible with any standard machine cutting torch, this attachment offers versatility without compromise. For those requiring double bevel capabilities, Sawyer’s Out of Round Attachment is available with a double bevel attachment, with specifications tailored to individual machine types, models, sizes, and ranges. In summary, Sawyer’s Out of Round Attachment, Model 281B, represents a pinnacle of innovation and functionality, empowering professionals to tackle out-of-round pipe challenges with confidence and precision.