Save Time on the Cut with Double Torches


  • Enables simultaneous carrying of two machine-type torches
  • Allows independent height, lead, and degree of bevel adjustments
  • Permits adjustment of spacing between torches
  • Rigid, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Available with “Out-of-Round” feature


Sawyer’s Double Cut Torch Holder

Model 283D

The Double Cut Torch Holder attachment fits the Sawyer Band Crawler.

Sawyer’s Double Cut Torch Holder is a versatile attachment designed to enhance the capabilities of standard sizes of Sawyer Compact Beveling Machines. With this innovative attachment, users can simultaneously carry two machine-type torches, doubling efficiency without sacrificing precision.

The design allows for independent adjustments of height, lead, and degree of bevel, providing flexibility to tailor the cutting process to specific project requirements. Additionally, the spacing between torches can be adjusted to accommodate various pipe diameters and configurations, ensuring optimal performance in diverse applications. Crafted from rigid yet lightweight aluminum, this holder ensures durability and reliability without adding unnecessary bulk to the equipment.

For added functionality, the Double Cut Torch Holder is available with the “Out-of-Round” feature, enabling users to tackle irregular pipe shapes with ease. In summary, Sawyer’s Double Cut Torch Holder is a testament to innovation and practicality, empowering professionals to achieve superior results in pipe preparation tasks with efficiency and precision.