Simple Torch Carrier for Cut and Bevel


  • Allows torch to be moved to and from the cutline to prevent blowholes
  • Torch may be used in the forward and backward bevel position without reversing the torch holder
  • Large torch clamp wing screw can be tightened without removing gloves
  • Constructed of durable, light-weight aluminum
  • Provides a superior cut and bevel
  • Manufactured in the USA


Sawyer’s Classic Torch Holder

Model 286

The Classic Torch Holder is a newly designed torch carrier that fits the Sawyer Band Crawler.

Sawyer’s Classic Torch Holder, a versatile torch carrier designed to seamlessly integrate with all standard sizes of Sawyer Compact Beveling Machines. This reliable torch holder allows for precise adjustment, enabling the torch to be positioned at the optimal distance from the cutline, thus preventing blowholes and ensuring clean cuts.

Sawyer’s Classic Torch Holder allows the torch to be used in both forward and backward bevel positions without the need to reverse the holder, streamlining workflow and saving valuable time. With its large torch clamp wing screw, tightening can be easily done without the hassle of removing gloves, enhancing efficiency and user comfort.

Crafted from durable yet lightweight aluminum, this holder ensures longevity and ease of handling, guaranteeing consistent performance in various work environments. Additionally, it delivers superior cutting and beveling results, further enhancing its value as an essential tool for professionals. Manufactured in the USA, Sawyer’s Classic Torch Holder embodies quality craftsmanship and reliability, providing professionals with the confidence to tackle pipe preparation tasks with precision and ease.