From soup to nuts, we do it all for Our Equipment…and Yours.

Sawyer Manufacturing Company is prepared to take on any job and complete it with expertise. We are equipped for Heavy Weld, Skid Work, Conventional and Custom Machining with expert technicians trained to execute a full range of high precision machining techniques on conventional machines, lathes and CNC machines.

Our welders have more than 200 years of combined experience, and the proven techniques used by these skilled craftsmen produce consistent, reliable results from the simplest fabrication jobs to large heavy weld projects constructed and completed to the exact specifications of customer-supplied designs and requirements.

Secondary Services

Why Sawyer

  • We can save you time and money
  • Over 66 years of commitment to quality and pride of craftsmanship
  • Our large shop is capable of meeting nearly any requirement
  • We have a list of trusted vendors
  • We can eliminate rework and repair

Sawyer is staffed for quality and growth. We are supported by experienced leadership and industry-recognized qualifications across our team. Our craftsmen are dedicated to Sawyer and take pride in doing their jobs right.

Our commitment to the best processes, procedures and final products are evident in everything you see associated with the Sawyer name. Through this commitment to planning, scheduling, tracking, manpower adjusting and quality controlling, we maximize productivity while minimizing cost. This allows us to deliver products on-time and within budget while maintaining a focus on excellence both in products and service.


Quality Program

Sawyer’s Quality Program continues to improve our procedures that focus on delivering uncompromising quality, conformance to project specifications and timely delivery. Ongoing training and audits allow us to build our continual culture of quality assurance, which is an integral part of our fabrication process.


Inspection occurs at each stage in the fabrication process and after final assembly to ensure the project meets:

  • Authorized requirements
  • Non-destructive examination
  • Design and engineering drawings
  • Documentation
  • Material specifications
  • Required standards and certifications

Sawyer maintains the highest levels of quality assurance and control of our welding and fabrication procedures in compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). The ASME “U” stamp certifies Sawyer’s capabilities with new construction and fabrication of pressurized vessels and the “R” stamp refers to repairs and alterations.


Each part is inspected to ensure it meets material specifications, dimensional specifications and physical count requirements.


The first production run piece from each lot is inspected to verify accuracy to customer print.


Our machinists, welders and quality control inspectors check parts throughout the run, using dimensional check fixtures, and gauges are used when necessary.


When the fabrication or assembly of a job is complete, the quality control inspector makes the final inspection and signs off when the item meets the job requirements.


The quality control staff inspects packaging, checks quantity, assembles certifications and signs off for product release.