An industry leader in the design and manufacture of pipeline and welding equipment since 1948. Sawyer equipment has become a standard in the industry and continues to set the benchmark for quality and durability.

Sawyer Manufacturing Company


We manufacture our equipment in the USA

Sawyer Manufacturing equipment is reliable and easy to operate, found in a variety of industries from waste water and sewer line maintenance to agriculture, oil and gas pipeline construction. We manufacture our equipment in our facility in Tulsa, OK and continue to design, engineer and innovate the quality of our pipe and welding equipment.

We pride ourselves on service

We strive to exceed customer satisfaction, and we offer quick turnarounds on sales and repairs due in part to our staff whose extensive understanding of industry knowledge on pipeline and welding applications keeping our customers happy.

In addition, Sawyer Manufacturing offers conventional and custom machining, turning, boring and planning for custom equipment and parts. We design and manufacture small and large diameter hydraulic cylinders for heavy equipment and pipeline construction equipment. Sawyer Manufacturing also custom engineers and manufactures dies and bending sets for all makes and models.


Sawyer Manufacturing products are sold exclusively through distributors in the U.S. and abroad. Please call or email us for the name of your nearest Sawyer Mfg. distributor. Also contact us for marketing material, catalogs and additional product information.

Sawyer Manufacturing builds a complete line of pipeline and welding equipment including:

  • Pipe beveling and cutting machines and accessories
  • Bending dies, sets and liners
  • Grasshopper for welding ground
  • Hydraulic cylinders for small and large diameter applications
  • Internal and external pipe alignment and clamps
  • Pipe hooks for pipe lifting
  • Bend and tensile testing machines for pipeline and welding inspection and training
  • Side boom mounted bending shoes
  • Manual pipe wrapping machines
  • Coupon cutter
  • Other auxiliary equipment

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Industry and Tradeshows


Sawyer Manufacturing Company Is a member of AIWD, GAWDA, the Tulsa Regional Chamber and the Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa.

If you are attending any of these industry tradeshows and would like to meet with a Sawyer Manufacturing representative please contact us:

Domestic Tradeshows:


This show has an emphasis on the oil and gas industries, as well as water energy, wind energy and clean energy and how these resources factor into the success of the Oklahoma business community.


Gases and Welding Distributors Association’s Annual Convention provides an opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of the constantly-changing industry.


For the past 70 years, the oil and gas industry has attended this trade show to stay on top of the latest product developments, services and technologies.

Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition | October Lafayette, LA

One of the largest oil and gas industry expositions in the U.S., LAGCOE is held biannually in the heart of America’s energy corridor: Lafayette, Louisiana.


North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. This event rotates between Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas.


The Association of Independent Welding Distributor’s annual convention integrates the growth of member business with focused vendor relationships.

International Tradeshows:

OTC | February

Find the latest offshore tools and technologies at this exhibition. Attendees have free time to explore the exhibit floor during special events and between the technical sessions.

E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER | Essen, Germany

The premier European fair in the energy and water industries held in Essen, Germany attracts visitors from over 70 countries.

ADIPEC | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference is a world class exhibition with 1362 exhibitors from 50 countries with 16 international pavilions.

STEEL FAB | Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The Middle East trade show for the metal working, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication industry.

OSEA | Singapore

OSEA is the biennial tradeshow serving the offshore oil and gas market and its supporting industries.

OGA | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition hosts exhibitors from the oil and gas industry worldwide.


The largest manufacturing show in Latin America showcasing technologies from welding and cutting products, metal finishing, safety equipment, metal forming products and fabrication products.



Our Company

Sawyer Manufacturing Company has approximately 40 employees all of whom share a dedication to quality and personalized service. This dedication has built a solid reputation and continues to drive growth. We are fortunate to have outstanding employees, whose average tenure is 20 years.


Sawyer employs an exceptional work force of office staff, machinists and welders. We embrace opportunities to support our staff and encourage personal growth while making an impact in an environment where people, quality and heritage are valued.

Sawyer is committed to building education partnerships. We offer internship opportunities; providing interns with a structured programs with real work goals and objectives. We also provide scholarship opportunities and support welding programs.

Join our team

We are always looking for exceptional people.

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Sawyer Manufacturing employee


Humble Beginnings

Red Sawyer is employed by Manning, Maxwell and Moore and transferred from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Red Sawyer begins exploring several business opportunities around Tulsa, including refinery work. He leases a building on King Street to refine and refurbish valves and fittings.
200A Compact Beveling machine and Large Manual Internal Lineup Clamps Whitey Crose, Crose Manufacturing, approaches Red Sawyer about fulfilling the equipment needs of pipeliners. Red Sawyer and engineer AB Jensen form a partnership, Sawyer-Jensen Company, with their first location at the intersection of First and Lewis in Tulsa. To meet the basic pipeline requirements of aligning pipe and cutting and beveling, Sawyer-Jensen begins manufacturing the 200A Compact Beveling machine and the Large Manual Internal Lineup Clamps for Crose International.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company builds its first facility, located at 1021 N. Columbia Place
George Bright, Shop Manager, joins the Sawyer team to supervise manufacturing of the newly developed products.
The Coupon Cutter is developed and manufactured to cut a consistent, quick sample for testing welds. On the pipeline, welders require an AC power source for the jobsite. Sawyer Manufacturing Company introduces Power Buggies, an AC generator. Slag Busters to clean welds between passes are also developed and released.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company continues to manufacture equipment as Crose Manufacturing merges to form MJ Crose International.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Pipe Grinder, which creates the land after the bevel.
Thomas G. Sawyer, son of Red Sawyer, at age 14, begins working on the pipeline as a laborer. This time spent working on the pipeline would later prove beneficial when designing equipment for the pipeline.
Pipelines were demanding a sturdier, quicker and more precise clamp on the job. Sawyer Manufacturing Company responded with the first generation of the External Ratchet Clamp.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Tractor Bending Shoe as an alternative for small diameter pipe to be bent effectively.

Sawyer Hits Its Stride

As the demand for oil grows, so does the pipeline size and infrastructure along with environmental regulations. Sawyer Manufacturing Company diversifies alongside the increasing demand, developing more than 25 equipment solutions for the expanding industry.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures Pipeline Plugging Pigs and begins pig testing.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Aluminum Line-Up Clamp as a small diameter clamp for pipe 6” and smaller. This clamp is popular for farmers and ranchers as well as pipeline welders.
As the diameter of pipeline pipe increases, a larger band is required. Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the SMC Band and Crawler to accommodate pipe up to 60” and larger.
For the toughest pipe reclamation requirements, Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Dent Remover.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Quick Set beveling machine, a lighter machine than the Compact to bevel smaller pipe. The Quick Set models 0, 1 and 2 bevel pipe 14” and smaller.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company welcomes Elizabeth Logan, Office Manager, to the team.
Thomas G. Sawyer began working full-time at Sawyer Manufacturing Company handling service and equipment design.
International Pipeline Equipment, IPECO, a subsidiary of Sawyer Manufacturing Company is established and begins manufacturing pipeline plugs that are able to pig the line at any time, eliminating the need to drain the pipe.
Pipeline begins coating pipe with the modern coating instead of tar. Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and introduces the current design of the Pipe Hook manufactured with aluminum inserts that provide added protection of the pipe.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company continues to diversify and designs a revolutionary approach to the manner in which cylinders are used on pipe bending machines. As a natural progression to building cylinders and bending machine components, Sawyer Manufacturing Company also begins manufacturing bending machines for Mid-Continent Pipeline Equipment Co (MidCon).
Sawyer Manufacturing Company expands its distribution and begins to manufacture and sell equipment under the Sawyer brand.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the internal workings for side booms. Draw Works, a Double Spool Winch, is manufactured for MJ Crose Manufacturing to be used on an Alice Chalmers Pipe Layer.
With the growing popularity of the Quick Set Beveling Machine, Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the #3 model to accommodate pipe 14” to 20”

Innovation Continues

Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Friction Drive Beveler.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures improved Pipe Hooks.
As a solution for testing welds in the field, Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the portable 20-Ton Strap Bender, Tensile Tester.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Roller Cradle, a safe way to lower pipe into the ditch, for MidCon.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures a Ditch Pump to quickly remove water from a flooded ditch for CRC.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company expands to its second facility, located at 1031 N. Columbia Place.
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is built to combat the sharp rise in oil prices after the 1973 oil crisis. During this time, Sawyer Manufacturing Company continues to produce innovative pipeline equipment and expand their product line.
Big pipeline projects are developing worldwide, especially in the Middle East. Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the External Segmented Hydraulic Clamp, solving the need for a large diameter clamp for pipe 72” and larger.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the second generation of the External Ratchet Clamp; designed for out-of-round pipe.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures polyurethane Lined Tractor Bending Shoes for added protection of pipe while bending.
George Bright, Shop Manager, retires after 27 years with Sawyer Manufacturing Company.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company reaches beyond the pipeline and develops and manufactures Backup Clamps for a Bell Telephone Company.
The popularity of the portable tensile tester encourages Sawyer Manufacturing Company to develop and manufacture a larger model, the 30-Ton Tensile Tester.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures an 18” Tape Stand, a tape applicator for pipe coating protection, for CRC.
Red Sawyer retires after 31 years; his son, Thomas G. Sawyer, succeeds as President.

Tepid Times

Due to the effects of inflation and increased energy costs during the 1980's, Sawyer Manufacturing Company refocused on navigating the difficulties of a nationwide recession with a positive outlook on the future economic climate for better sales and more customer outreach.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures a Pipe Cutoff Machine for famous American oil well firefighter, Red Adaire.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Accuwrap I, the portable answer to the larger tape stands already in production.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the Pipe Expander to combat pipe egging.
Richard Mason, Shop Manager, joins the Sawyer team to supervise the manufacturing of Sawyer equipment.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures an Air/Hydraulic Clamp.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures an improved design of the Coupon Cutter.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures the 25 & 50-Ton Tensile Testers in production today
Sawyer Manufacturing Company welcomes Dave Hembree, Vice President.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company redesigns motorization kits for beveling machines.
Elizabeth Logan, Office Manager, retires after 45 years of service
With safety in mind, Sawyer Manufacturing Company redesigns the pipe hooks to add handles for safe use.
Scott Persson, grandson of Red Sawyer, starts working at Sawyer Manufacturing Company.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures an innovative Internal Band for our Band Beveling Machines, to bevel inside the pipe.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company, in partnership with Charles Hicks, a West Virginia rig welder, develops and manufactures the Grasshopper to solve arc burn, a common welding deformity that costs time and money on the pipeline.
Sawyer Manufacturing Company moves to a new 54,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and office facility
Sawyer Manufacturing Company invests in global manufacturing and acquires PSW Consultants Engineering LTD, adding products and providing global support.
Richard Mason, Shop Manager, retires after 32 years with Sawyer Manufacturing Company
Sawyer Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures two sizes of the Spacing Wedge.